Looking to get involved?

Young Dem Meet Up's

Each month YD county chapters host a meet up to introduce candidates, update members, and plan for the legislative session. Sign up below to be notified of the next Meet Up in your area!

Co-Host an Event

Looking to bring together young motivated people in your county or campaign? Maybe you're looking to host a fundraiser and need some help getting the word out. Whatever the focus is, we know an effective event in your area is the first step needed in laying the foundation for a strong turnout. Send us a more info by filling out the form below! 

Join our Field Campaign/Find Support

The fight for effective, meaningful, policy starts with organizing our community and supporting candidates who share our priorities. Sign up for our fellowship program and get connected to candidates and or volunteers. We not only assemble to help candidates, we also find folks to run for office. 

Start a Chapter in Your County

Looking to start your own chapter? There are some requirements and forms you will need to first fill out, learn more by clicking below. If you have any questions about the process please call us! 

Join our Legislative Focus Groups

We have specializations in different areas of advocacy and each of them are chaired by a Young Dem who is passionate about their specific issue, click here to find out more about teaming up with us!

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